Friday, August 4, 2017

Food Feature Friday #41: Past Recipe and Weekend Work

Earlier this week I shared an "impromptu food hack" where I showcased a super quick and easy meal anyone could recreate for a scrumptious morsel. I initially intended on sharing a review of a new donut store I was hoping to try, but unfortunately today slipped by me with a blink of an eye.

This weekend I'm planning on going to an event, where I'll be debuting my crafts (similar to the food rings I have in my "store" here on the blog). I had two small shows in the past, but tomorrow is the biggest one yet. Roughly 200+ potential customers who bought tickets (which includes VIP bags) and countless others that are coming for free!

It's a 6 hour event, so I've been working my patootie off trying to make sure my booth was up to par for cheap (stay tuned for a few neat hacks I learned along the way), making enough pieces to [hopefully] sell for the 6 hours, and creating labels for everything. Today was crunch time, finishing up any last touches along with doing mock set ups. I'm beyond exhausted and I barely had time to squeeze in the blog post today!

I'm telling you, life has been getting insane lately. Between starting to go to craft shows, preparing my bugger for regular school, spending as much time with him as possible, constantly creating custom pieces for customers, being a mom in general, and running an entire home, I'm barely able to find time to relax. Luckily I enjoy keeping busy. Keeps the anxiety at bay - although sometimes I push myself too hard and trigger it, but I'm working on that.

For now you'll have to accept my apologies as I'm just too exhausted and under a time restraint to get things ready and packed for tomorrow. Wish me luck Jedi's and I'll catch you all on Monday!!!

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