Friday, August 11, 2017

Food Feature Friday #42: Mexican Food, San Diego Style.

San Diego is well-known as the "go to" spot for Mexican food, if you're not able to make it over the border. While there are numerous other cities [not just in California] that claim they too can make Mexican food as authentic as Abuela used to make, I've yet to see that hold true.

Personally I'm a bit biased, seeing as how I'm a San Diegan born and raised, but I'm not too biased, because I'm more interested in scrumptious morsels.

Recently I came across a news article listing all the top Mexican taco shops to devour your choices at. I scrolled through the list and while I don't necessarily agree with all of them, for the most part I did. However, I noticed that one particular spot didn't necessarily make the cut and I truly feel it deserves to be on that list. Instead of writing to the news source and blatantly call them out for their lack of knowledge regarding delicious eats, I decided to make my own review regarding the exact taco shop I for one constantly go to.

Before I begin, I'd like to mention that I don't necessarily think this is the number one shop in San Diego. It's merely a 4.7 out of 5, which I will discuss further in a second my reasoning. Also, I'm highly aware that rolled tacos aren't necessarily an authentic Mexican dish, as it's more "Americanized".

When looking for authentic Mexican food, don't look to the "fast food style" big chains, as they are more into quick put out, not necessarily taste. Not to say that El Pollo Loco isn't tasty, just not necessarily as good. I also look at the salsa bar, to get a better depiction of their recipes. If you can make a solid authentic, spicy salsa, you're more than likely to have a well-rounded and flavorful menu.

I found my chosen eatery years ago when I was little and I've never turned back. It's called Colima's Mexican Food and it's my number one spot when I wanted a tasty batch of carne asada fries, burritos, or in today's case fully stocked rolled tacos. They have an extensive menu for all your cravings.

The meat at Colima's is always tender and well seasoned, the rice is perfectly cooked, the toppings are consistently fresh, their soups are appetite pleasers year round, and their drinks take me back to my childhood in Mexico. The only thing I would suggest to Colima's, is that they return to their old salsa recipe as their current salsa's aren't really the same as they were years ago. I know I said the salsa bar should be a key factor in finding good Mexican food, but this particular one [while it USED to have amazing salsa] still has decent salsa, making their food supersede the flavor of salsa in this case.

Don't get me wrong, the salsa isn't horrible or lacking spice, but it's not nearly as scrumptious as it was before. I still recommend the green and mild red, but the dark red is a bit "sweet" for my liking.

As previously mentioned I ordered a fully stack of rolled tacos today, which included 12 beef rolled tacos topped with sour cream (extra), guacamole, cheese, and tomatoes. Everything was fresh [as usual] with an abundance of yumminess to go around. The rolled tacos were also delectably crunchy and the meat inside was beyond tender.

I douse my in salsa and chomp down on everything, only to be greeted with splendid flavor.

Besides their authentically amazing Mexican food, their service is impeccable. The friendly staff is beyond helpful and they go as quick as they can, while still providing excellent service and mouthwatering food. Colima's is also clean and well-kept, showcasing this dining establishment's true passion for giving the public the near perfect experience.

It's not fancy, no bells and whistles, and the salsa needs to be upgraded ever so slightly (hence the 4.7 out of 5 stars), but it's the perfect place for a plate of authentic Mexican Food between the hours of 8am and 3am. Late night burrito or early morning huevos rancheros, you'll be glad you chose Colima's for your food choice of the day.

By the way, with a minimum order of $30 you can have your food delivered too!!!

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