Friday, August 18, 2017

Food Feature Friday #43: The Donut Bar!

I started doing donut reviews back in February and decided to sporadically do a few more throughout the year. While I've only done one other donut review, today I have another one for the collection.

Earlier in the week my Padawan and I were walking around downtown, when we got the idea to get some donuts. Not really sure what was around, I simply searched for a place nearby. That's when I found "The Donut Bar". A short walk led us to what would be a magical memory.

With an impressive line for a donut shop (the most impressive I've ever seen anyways), we waited roughly 15 minutes - probably even less - before reaching the inside. A giant donut blanket (towel?) hung on the right of the wall, with a long case filled with killer donuts of all sorts staring at you straight ahead, almost reaching the left wall.

There were so many big beautiful choices, but we finally came to the decision to pick 4 super special ones.

- The Homer
- The Nutella Overload
- Butter Beer
- Crème Brulee (which sadly ended up dropping 4 blocks away where we sat to eat them)

All of the donuts were beautifully fluffy, well breaded, perfectly proportioned, and decadently flavored with exquisite tastes.

The Homer donut was specifically for my little guy (his chosen one) and is basically just an oversized traditional donut with frosting. Except this donut is supposed to resemble the infamous Homer Simpson's favorite pink donuts and the frosting actually tastes like frosting.  

Personally I would choose this particular traditional donut over any other I've ever had.

The Nutella Overload and Butter Beer were mine - even though I still shared with my young one - and oh my lanta.

The Nutella Overload was a fluffy donut with powdered sugar generously sprinkled all over the top, stuffed with loads of Nutella inside. It was every girls dream. If you could imagine eating a white fluffy cloud drizzled with smooth sugar, while swimming in a pool of creamy rich Nutella and having magical fairies sing you the lullaby of Gods, you'd have a pretty good idea of what this donut tastes like. I would like to give the warning that you'll need some sort of beverage to wash it all down as the richness is rather, well, rich.

Butter Beer is a Harry Potter themed donut with the adorable symbol of Harry's glasses and lightning bolt. I'd like to say that while I haven't had the luxury of trying a Butter Beer from Harry Potter Land at Universal Studios, I am more excited now than ever before to try the real thing. This donut has made me utterly anxious with it's vanilla and butterscotch flavor throughout. The center is jammed with a thick layer of frosting, which can be a tad overbearing, but it's delicious regardless. I do recommend a cold glass of OJ to pair nicely with this particular donut, but a coffee or milk would taste nice as well. Perhaps even a nice cup of tea.

Overall these donuts were impeccable and unlike anything I've been able to enjoy before. I couldn't believe how scrumptious these breaded goods were, but then again it was rated top 10 best donut shops in the USA by USA Today, best donut shop in California by MSN, and #1 donut shop by Thrillest. All three spot on in my opinion.

The cost is a bit pricier than your averaging $3 to $4 each donut, but well worth it due to the size and quality. Regardless of the higher price tag, I will absolutely be returning to try the other kinds of goodies "The Donut Bar" has to offer. As for a recommendation, I HIGHLY recommend checking out this place and if you have the chance, stand in line for the few minutes to experience something unlike anything you'll probably have experienced before.

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