Thursday, August 24, 2017

Goodwill Haul: Dressed For Success!

It's been too long since I've done a Goodwill haul and man does it feel good to finally post another one today!

Today San Diego was gloomy and cold (my favorite kind of weather honestly), which made me think of how on a muggy day we'd go to Goodwill for awesome finds. Seeing as how my little guy is starting first grade on Monday, I've been trying to pack our days with the usual fun we enjoy ever so much. So we jetted off to our local Goodwill and the finds were impeccable.

First I'd like to say my little guy found a brand new snorkel set - his first one ever - which he so proudly shows off. He even paid for it with his little money, saving himself loads. The exact same one was previously seen for $25 and my thrifty Padawan only paid $4! I'm so proud.

As for me, I found a total of 7 items. 3 dresses, a pantsuit romper, 1 t-shirt, 1 pair of wedges, and 1 pair of rain boots. Let's start with the dresses:

All three dresses that I found are my new favorites for different occasions. The first being of a burnt orange, resembling the Fall colors of freshly fallen leaves. I love the tiny diamond pattern all over the dress, with a hint of extra "pizzazz" on the end with white. It reminds me of a Spanish style house, ultimately reminding me of my abuela's town. This dress came out to $6.

I paired this dress with my new wedges I found today, which are tan with cream lacy details around the heel. These wedges were basically brand new from Charlotte Russe, only costing me $7! That's an $18 savings, which I couldn't believe. Especially with the amazing condition they were in.

The second is a dress I normally would never purchase for myself. It's a yellow flower petal patterned dress with a hit of purple and pink mixed in. It has a black mesh top and a tiny string of ruffles around the mid-waist, giving the illusion of a black belt. I loved how it looked for Fall coming up as well, perfect for a casual or semi-casual event. This dress was also $6.

For this dress I paired it with my black booties purchased from Goodwill a while back, which I featured HERE.

The third dress is something I'm particularly excited to wear for a special occasion. It's a royal blue dress with a gorgeous "boat line neckline" (I believe that's the correct terminology) and a nude under lining. The flow is gorgeous and the overall feel is beyond comfortable. I can see this being the perfect outfit for a Christmas event, especially with the nude heels I paired it with. The dress cost $6 as well, bringing the cost for these three outfits (not including the prices for my shoes from previous Goodwill hauls) to only $25.

The nude heels were also purchased at Goodwill, which you can see HERE.

Next up are the last three items I purchased:

First up is my jumpsuit romper, that I absolutely adore. It's got small cutouts on the sides, with a beautiful neckline that isn't too revealing (which tends to be a problem for me with the current trendy clothes) in a coral color. The length is a tad long which can be fixed with a simple hem (see how I hem my pants HERE), giving me all sorts of excitement for the future. Yes it's more of a spring/summer color, but you can bet your patootie I'm wearing it whenever I feel like it! Shoe wise I'm unsure, possibly black wedges, but for now I'm leaving the option open. Even the tan wedges would work or the nude heels! This beautiful piece cost $6.

Next is a simple "whatever" shirt, which I'm in need of. I tend to buy what I consider "nice" clothes, but then I'm stuck with very few "errands" clothes. I've been trying to get dressed up for daily excursions, but not everyday. During those "whatever" days, I truly appreciate just having a nice comfortable shirt to throw on. This shirt is not only soft and comfy, it's just the right amount of "I care, just not as much as you". Perfect for on the go. This shirt only cost $2 on top of everything!

Last up I found some amazing rain boots, which gave me such a twinkle in my eye. I've been looking for a good pair to wear during our [few] rainy days, saving my other shoes from any potential damage. The inside is lined with a fur-like material, keeping my piggies toasty warm. These bad boys were only $7. When I did some research, these were running about $115 at Nordstrom's in black!

Overall my total came to $40, BUT we were able to get a student discount seeing as how my little guy is starting school on Monday! That brought my total to under $40! Yay Goodwill!

Everything is a new love for me and everything I'm anticipating wearing, making this another highly successful Goodwill trip for the books!

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