Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Hampton Inn Part 1.

Yesterday I briefly spoke about the disastrous chaos that was currently taking place (see post HERE). While it's definitely not preferable to leave the comfort of my own home, we were put in a more than suitable hotel for the next few days - the Hampton inn.

Hotels tend to be a little tricky for me, as I'm slightly picky on my preferences: pool, Jacuzzi, mini fridge, free continental breakfast, free wifi. Simplistic in a certain sense, but nonetheless complicated when you factor in price. Luckily my step dad and mother were able to spring for a hotel that met ALL these "desires", along with the most important one not mentioned above. Cleanliness.

Our apartment's management company wanted to put all the tenants in a Motel 6 in the heart of Downtown San Diego, but with my padawan's severe skin issues and allergies we found it to not be a wise decision. Insert caring and helpful parents.

After a little research we found a hotel not far from our home that had everything we were looking for, as mentioned above. Today was hectic in itself - packing up, loading the car, dropping off and picking up my little guy from school, waiting for our room (early check-in), and my little one is still sick - but thankfully Hampton came to the rescue with max relaxation.

First off the cleanliness of this hotel (and so far all the Hilton hotels I've stayed at) seem to be at the top of the scale. Secondly their staff has impeccable customer service skills, going above and beyond to help take care of our needs (i.e. early check in). I'd also like to say that their facility is beautiful with a gorgeous view, up to date furnishings, a stylish dining area, and an outdoor setting that makes you forget your worries.

Also the beds are beyond comfortable, the AC makes the room freezing (we're Eskimos and we love it, plus it kills germs), the pillows make you feel like you're cuddling clouds, and the space is perfect for an organized person like myself - plenty of storage areas to help make the hotel stay a little more "home like".

My Padawan was even able to score himself his very own Queen sized bed, which he of course decorated to make it more "Padawan like".

After everything was set up, we walked around to tour the building. We found the exact area breakfast is served - by the front desk like usual - which made us super excited for the morning! We also learned that the pool runs about 70 to 80 degress, while the Jacuzzi runs about 100+, perfect for my sore back. IF my little guy feels better tomorrow - which I truly hope he does - we may try to take a dip in the pool for a little bit, since it's due to be a very hot day once again. Plus there's nothing like going for a swim after a long day of school.

Now that we're settled in, unpacked, and our bellies are full (we came with plenty of food to suffice our mini "stay-cation"), it's time to wind down and enjoy what little precious time we have here. Granted we're excited to go home, but if we can't be there we'd prefer to be here.

My Padawan is asleep and I'm going to do the same. I'm hoping that he will sleep through the night in peace without his cold disturbing him too much - having a freezing room really helps him and I truly believe that the "cold" may be due to the heat, unfortunately. Although it seems to be passing by quickly with the help of Elderberry. Now I'll be joining him in slumber land.

Tomorrow I'll be able to do a better review of the hotel stay, since we will have a complete idea on how the hotel is day and night. It's during the full hotel day that you really get a handle on how the entire "operation" works. Plus I need to let you guys know how the breakfast is!

I bid you all a goodnight for now. Here's to a peaceful night away from home.

P.S. yes Yoda is with us and he even has his own private set up in our room.

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