Monday, August 7, 2017

My Last Week Blogging?!

Happy Monday Jedi's! I'm so glad to be back. I will say that yesterday I was having a bit of a mental breakdown, but all better.

On Friday I failed to provide a scrumptious morsel review/recipe for you guys to indulge in over the weekend, but I was able to at least provide one earlier in the week. I also let you guys know I was going to an event where I'd be selling my art work. I'm happy to say that everything went smoothly and I did better than anticipated. Got loads of exposure, a few bulk orders, some companies wanting to collaborate, and future endeavors lined up. Personally I really enjoyed myself. It's definitely hard work and there are plenty of things I need to tinker with, work harder at, and figure out, but luckily this is actually something I enjoy doing.

My Padawan even got to experience his first sleep over while I was on this crazy venture of mine. I have to admit I couldn't stop thinking about sleeping without him, but I was really glad he was with his friends. He had an absolute ball and didn't have any issues at all. I was rather surprised and expected a call in the middle of the night for him to be picked up, but alas morning came without a word. As soon as I was awake I jumped into my car to pick up my bugger with huge hugs ready for him.

Yesterday however, was really hard for me. Perhaps it was from the past week of stress trying to get ready for Saturday, or maybe it was the severe insomnia, or maybe it was because of my poor eating habits. No matter the reasoning I was mentally unavailable.

You know that infamous letter an employee emailed her boss informing them of her "mental day off"? It's been all over the internet seeing as how the employer responded with poise and professionalism, while dropping a truth bomb of reality to people: everyone deserves to have a mental break without criticism.

While I was able to be the mother needed for my son - something most people often don't think is capable from someone who has mental disabilities of any form - I really couldn't deal with anything going on outside of my walls. I got through the day focusing all my energy of what my son needed, showered once he was asleep, and drifted into the slumber world myself.

Today I feel much better and was able to tackle organizing the last portion of our hall closet, cleaned up after Saturday (I got home and just unloaded everything in the living room), finished our laundry, and decided to reward myself with finishing up Pretty Little Liars - the final season.

I've been a bit lax about things that mean a lot to me, like reading Sarah Dessen, continuing my novel binge of Nancy Drew, actually playing Nancy Drew video games, watching movies I enjoy, catching up on my favorite shows, having tea time. I've been so preoccupied with getting my jewelry to take off, trying to stay calm with the idea of my little guy going to regular school (I was so ready to homeschool another year, volunteer at his school and go to field trips with him, and be available for him during vacations, but I will most likely have to go back to work full time), stressed trying to find an afterschool program/daycare for him during vacation time and half days, anxious knowing I won't have that much time with my little guys anymore, frustrated because I'm constantly doing upkeep on our home - it's like it can never stay clean, agitated because my car is being a butthead, and exhausted from not feeling well along with constantly thinking about everything as a collective.

I would like to say now that I may be taking a small break starting next Monday (possibly sooner) to be with my little guy as much as possible until school starts and everything changes. This may include taking a break from blogging until school does start for the cute one. Even while working, I'll do my best to blog everyday. But let's not think about that, let's just focus on this week. Today I've made it without feeling as horribly as I did yesterday, I was able to clean up the mess from this weekend, my son and I bonded over the small time we had apart from each other - even though it's killing me that he's growing up, and I've got a few ideas on what I'll be doing tomorrow for myself and the blog.

So here's to a great week and to whatever mess the future holds. It's going to be an insane ride and I'm not sure where we will be heading, but you can bet you'll find out right along with me Jedi's.

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