Thursday, August 31, 2017

Heat Exhaustion and Chicken Nuggets.

It was another sweltering day here in sunny San Diego with temperatures hitting close to 90 degrees in the afternoon. I was lucky in the sense that I spent majority of my time in an air conditioned hotel room, leaving to take my Padawan to and from class, along with paying rent (which was a mission in itself).

The moment I got my precious bundle of joy we drove to the nearest 7-eleven for Slurpee's and snacks, cooling ourselves off from the inside. Bellies semi-full, we came back to the hotel for a quick dip into the heated pool to cool ourselves off from the outside as well. This combination was prime for beating the heat. Having the AC in our room set to 65 helped as well.

It was during our calm down time that we simply felt exhausted from today's excessive heat, making us "lazy".

We decided to have a simple dinner when the sun started to set - and the weather became much more bearable - by the fire pit near the pool. It wasn't really too hot, but after a few minutes we decided to move our dinner to a nearby table, allowing us to enjoy our meal without any additional heat, because we definitely didn't need anymore than we had already experienced.

My initial intention for today's post was a "part two" to yesterday's hotel review, but I almost fell asleep twice before whipping out my laptop to post today. I simply don't have the right mindset to describe our experience in thorough detail, but I haven't given up. I did type a little - I tried guys, I really did - but unable to concentrate fully, I set it aside as a draft to be finished tomorrow after we head back home.

Thankfully it will include a breakfast review of BOTH days - adhering to my usual "Food Feature Friday's - which I think in retrospect will be better since I can review whether or not the menu itself changes on a daily basis.

For now I'll leave you with this, our experience at Hilton has been a memorable one indubitably. So much so that I won't ever forget it. If you want to know how so, if it's good or bad, and the moment that will stick with me the most, check back tomorrow for a review AND food feature.

Now I'm off to get some much needed rest like my peacefully sleeping Padawan. Goodnight Jedi's and stay cool. Also pray for those in Texas. You may not be able to give financially or physically, but a prayer can do more than you know.

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