Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Impromtu Food Hack!

I know I tend to keep my food reviews/recipes to Friday's, but I thought I'd spice things up a bit and include another eating post this week. This one was impromptu due to my mother giving me a bag of some fried rice and while it's not necessarily the most glamourous meal, it turned out superb.

Trader Joe's has been an infamous love of mine for some time now, which is easily seen through the multitude of posts I've provided in the past. My mother shops there as well, so we have similar groceries every month. Sometimes I get lucky and she has an abundance, which she then passes on to me. Well recently she gave me some Vegetable Fried Rice.

Now normally I wouldn't purchase this particular product from Trader Joe's - or anywhere really - simply because it's never the same unless it's from an authentic Chinese restaurant. However, this has changed things for me personally.

I tend to steer clear of frozen rice, seeing as how I could whip up some fresh rice with my rice cooker, but we had an abundance of hard boiled eggs this morning from breakfast, so I decided to whip up some of the fried rice and mix in the eggs chopped up. I would just like to mention now that I totally didn't think it would be as delicious as it turned out.

While eating this deliciousness a number of ideas popped into my head about how I could easily alter this into meals worth devouring. First let's review the rice itself. All you need to do is heat up a little vegetable oil in a pan on medium, plop in the frozen rice, and stir until completely warmed up. Everything is already pre-cooked and the vegetables mixed in were a nice blend of flavors. Between the peas, corn, carrots, and edamame (along with other veggies), the slight flavor of the rice was accentuated by the eggs. To be honest, the rice itself is scrumptious without the added protein, but it definitely doesn't hurt either!

I will DEFINITELY be purchasing a bag of my own fried rice from Trader Joe's, because the possibilities are endless in my head.

- Add chicken
- Potstickers on the side
- Topped with fish
- Mixed with Top Ramen

I am truly excited to start eating some of this quick fix. It only takes about 5 minutes to cook and any additional time would just be based off of what I decide to add in.

You could easily make a batch of this, add whatever goodies you prefer, and make a few meals for the next couple of days to warm up at work. I myself am ecstatic to have this be a go-to meal for future outings.

Personally I highly recommend giving this frozen treat a try if you like fried rice without having to spend a fortune at a restaurant.

As for my little guy, he wasn't a huge fan of the rice. Which honestly isn't a hard hit for me, because it only extends the amount of meals I personally can get out of it.

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