Tuesday, August 15, 2017

I've Never Come So Close To Drinking [Non Alcoholic Beer].

Ah life, you know just how to strike at me from all angles. You never give me problems sporadically sprinkled throughout the months. No, you like to bombard me with everything you could possibly think of for the month and jam it into one week. I guess I should be thankful it all just comes and ends at once...sometimes.

Random fact about me, I'm a registered medical assistant. Well, I was. You see, my licensed expired and it was a bit frustrating, but I decided to keep my license by doing continuing education courses online. I was given 60 days to complete my courses, but because life happened, I was down to the wire to finish my courses. Yesterday was my expiration date so I woke up early to try and complete my courses, only to be booted off around 11:30. With the companies phone line busy, I was then forced to call back today due to the office being closed and boy was that a mission.

I bounced around from person to person for over 2 hours, finally getting a call back from a supervisor who was generous enough to help resolve majority of my issue. I still have a few days to complete my courses, after repurchasing them, but I also have to pay $75 for my license to be reinstated (normally $175). Not perfect, but I'll take it.

Then my son and I went to the Disney store for their Summer Play Days (they had new patches every Wednesday that you could "earn" by participating for the next 6 days until the following Wednesday) only to be told that it actually ended Sunday. Not only that, but regardless of the fact that we had every patch thus far (9 I believe), they couldn't give us the last one we needed and the honorary one for having all of them. It wasn't because they didn't want to though, it was because there weren't any left. Fantastic.

But alas, there was hope! Another Disney Store - 30 minutes away - had VERY few left of both patches, but only today would I be able to pick them up. Even better.

We took off, into traffic, towards this busy mall, and finally got my little guy's patches. He's quite proud of his accomplishment and I'm really glad I was able to make those memories with him.

While all of this was going on, I was babysitting and preparing for this Friday's food feature (which I'm SUPER excited for).

I have another event this weekend, so I'll be preparing for the next 3 days like an insane woman. Anything else that comes hurdling at me is just going to be a joyous and happy add-on (insert sarcasm).

After we got the patch we decided to browse the mall for a little bit when we came across this unique candy store, filled with things childhood dreams are made of. Including a giant sized box of only pink Starburst. That's where I found the Harry Potter section along with their butter beer non-alcoholic. I was SO tempted to open a [fake] brew and chug one back...while cuddled under my blanket watching Murder She Wrote and waiting for the water to boil so I can have tea. Yes I'm and old soul.

For now I bid you all a wonderful night. Stay tuned for a special DIY (so long as I can find my spool of thread) that I'm hoping to get out tomorrow! It's a handy one with full of spunk.

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