Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Packing For The Termites.

Today's post is going to suck[ish], just as much as today somewhat sucked for me.

First my little guy is sick and while I truly thought it was a fluke sore throat yesterday, he's started to have a bad cough at night along with a lot of congestion. The sore throat seems to be going away quickly, but sleep has alluded us both with him being frustrated and me trying to keep him calm. What joy.

This has SLIGHTLY put a damper on his first week of school, but he's being such a trooper. He even told me today he had a good day at school, regardless of him not feeling too good.

Secondly I had to pack up the house - a little less intent than last year's chaos, which you can see HERE. Only difference is, we actually have to leave the house for two days starting tomorrow, returning tomorrow. Why you ask? Termites.

They've swarmed quite a bit last year and after finally having enough tenants complain about the issue multiple times, they've gone ahead and decided to tent. Of course during the WORST TIME POSSIBLE. My little guy's starting school, he has a cold, and I was supposed to go to an event on Friday.
I'm trying to be positive and keep remembering that all of this is temporary and we will be having a mini "stay-cation" close by, thanks to my mom and step-dad.

All I know is right now, I'm exhausted and in loads of pain from having to pack and clean up. So I'll be taking a nice hot shower, packing my toiletries, and laying down to rest as much as I can. I know I'll be waking up every hour or so to calm my little one and administer medicine when needed, plus I have to get up at 6am to take my little sicky-poo to school.

After my padawan's at school safely, I have to come back home, pack up the car, and head to the hotel around 11 in hopes that our room is ready for an early check in. Then I have to rush over to pick up my little one early (short day). If I can't check in early, then I will be packing up the car, waiting for my little guy to get out of school, picking him up, THEN check into the hotel.

I'm admitting this right now, I WILL be swimming while my son is at school. I'm not trying to taunt my little guy with "fun swimming" while he's at school, which is why I won't be telling him I went swimming.

Hopefully this all goes smoothly and life gives us a break soon, because Lord knows I really need it.

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