Thursday, August 17, 2017

So Much Crafting.

It's official, I have carpel tunnel.

I've spent majority of the day crafting like a deranged crafting lady. From molding to painting and applying the tiniest details, I can't believe how much clay I've worked through with my little fingers. Honestly, I'm surprised I'm even able to type. Granted I'm doing it with one hand, but slow and steady right?

Knowing that tomorrow is crunch day, gives me angina. That's right, angina. Chest pains. Same anxiety as always, which I don't ever anticipate going away, but I do know that it's milder than the last show I did, seeing as how I know what's to come. Regardless I'm nervous, yet excited to get this started!

You know what's the hardest for me? Leaving my little guy. I know it's a normal thing for parents to allow their kids to spend the night with family or friends, go to work without the kiddos, and do adult things, but I'm not used to it. I never will be. I miss him every second I'm not with him. He's my little Padawan who I constantly want to cuddle and kiss.

He's a growing boy who someday will be on his own. I'm taking what I can get now people!

Sorry, I drifted off there for a moment. My entire point of this post is mostly just to update you all that I've been constantly trying to prepare and create enough pieces for this weekends event.

Thank you for your kind patience Jedi's. Much love.

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