Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Starbucks' New Horchata Frappuccino: Menu Worthy or Already Over It?

A few days ago Starbucks debuted a new horchata inspired drink. The Mexican beverage has often been the center of numerous "remakes" - ice cream, creamer, even soap - but this particular horchata beverage is a tad different. For one it's being "created" by an infamous company that has been known to dish out popular drinks [some even delicious, see HERE] and another reason being that this horchata is made with almond milk.

Seeing as how I'm in love with horchata, I decided to jump on the Starbucks train once again and try what was hopefully going to be a magnificent ride.

First up there's two choices, cream or coffee version. Also you opt in or out for whipped cream, but that's besides the point. I for one wanted some caffeine so I went ahead and had them add the coffee to the cinnamon I could clearly smell from over the counter. After agreeing to having whipped cream and watching them make my frapp, I took a sip and I have a few words for you guys.

I get that Starbucks may not be interested in learning the proper technique on how to make horchata the RIGHT way, but if they plan on keeping this drink around [or having it make another appearance], I suggest they get to the roots and make horchata right. This version is literally the rendition of the milk aftermath once you've eaten all the cinnamon toast crunch out of a bowl, with a splash of coffee.

This statement seems to run true for both the coffee and cream (coffee-free) versions, because prior to actually getting my drink, the barista said "People keep saying the coffee free version tastes like cinnamon toast crunch and I think the coffee version is way better." The fact that she was spot on with what I personally tasted with my own drink, told me that they took almond milk and sprinkled some cinnamon, to call it horchata.

I will also take into consideration that almond milk is the base, automatically giving it a different taste. Regardless however, I feel there could've been a better attempt at making a true horchata coffee, but I didn't necessarily think that the big chain coffee joint would do a perfectly fantastic job.

Do I recommend it? Well I do, but either not as a coffee drink [and not a huge expectation of having splendid horchata] or with extra. I could enjoy it as a cold drink, but I think I'd also request less cinnamon if anything. Almond milk may not be my favorite thing, but I could see this being enjoyable sometimes.

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