Tuesday, August 8, 2017

"The Good Neighbor", A Pyschological Reality Check.

Today I decided to watch a movie on Netflix without real preference in the genre or popularity. After a few moments browsing, I came across a crime/drama film called "The Good Neighbor". Intrigued by the mystery of what would happen, I readied myself with snacks and drinks to watch what would become a thrilling revelation.

*WARNING: Mild spoilers, but the ending is still a secret!

This movie was about two teenagers looking to conduct an "experiment" of sorts, with the basic concept that one could successfully induce paranoia and cause someone to have doubts about the paranormal, without every doing anything physical or producing an actual anomaly, therefore proving a suggestive idea can do more harm than initially intended. The two teenagers - Sean and Ethan - set up their "semi-controlled" environment by placing hidden cameras all throughout the old man's - who was the neighbor and goes by the name of Harold AKA Grainey - house across the street. They also rigged a the electrical wiring allowing them access to create the illusion the lights were flickering and the screen door now had the ability to resemble a forced slamming controlled by the boys. The key mastermind Ethan decided to further the intrusive behavior by breaking back into the house and moving an object, to make it seem like something was now moving objects around his house.

While Ethan and Sean illegally observed Mr. Grainey from Ethan's three-monitored computer set up in his bedroom, Ethan begins to suspect that something suspicious is occurring in the hidden basement.

During the experiment, Ethan and Sean began noticing Mr. Grainey spending an unusual amount of time in his basement - hours on end , sometimes till morning - and the basement door wasn't just locked, it had a Master Lock added. Whatever was inside Mr. Grainey either didn't want it to leave or for anyone else to get inside, both of which were worrisome to a degree. Unfortunately [for the teens experiment] Ethan nor Sean placed a camera in the basement, making the mystery near impossible to bear. So they decided to take matters into their own hands, "persuading" someone else to enter the basement on their own and finding out what was inside.

Towards the end of their (let's be honest) terror on the old man, day and night, Ethan and Sean attempted to put their final test in motion. They wanted to make it seem that an entity of poltergeist-likeness was indeed inside Mr. Grainey's house. Nothing too strenuous, but just enough to "put the idea out there". Little do the teen's know that the entire time these strange happenings were taking place, Harold was having his own flashbacks. The poltergeist instance simply put everything overboard, ending in a tragedy. Who is left lying on the floor at the end? You'll have to watch to find out!

Personally I recommend this movie for a multitude of reasons, albeit all probably a bit dramatic. You see, this movie really does shed light onto the aspect of psychological warfare and how easily we can alter someone's entire life with the power of suggestion. It also gives a little intro into "gas lighting", albeit not directly. Throughout the movie, I began feeling immediate sorrow for the old man, knowing that his vulnerable mental state was being altered with something I myself have been paranoid about: paranormal activity. It also didn't help because he was still dealing with a life altering event, which is shown throughout the flashbacks.

I for one rather enjoyed this film as it wasn't necessarily a thriller, but a mediocre drama with intensity. So if you're looking for mild adrenaline and perhaps something to think about, I suggest "The Good Neighbor" on Netflix.

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