Monday, August 21, 2017

The Universe Tested Me.

Oh man, things have been harsh this past weekend. First I was heading to an event roughly 2 hours away, when I was hit with a minor set back ON THE FREEWAY.

Imagine you're driving along minding your own business in the far left lane, when you hit 55 mph and all of a sudden your car stops accelerating altogether. You can't maintain any speed at all and the entire vehicle is slowly coming to a halt. All you can do is try to safely - yet quickly - move over to the right lane and exit (luckily there was an exit immediately accessible). You pull over, stop your car, see that you're able to carefully press on the accelerator and go, but once you hit a certain speed you're screwed all over again. Well that's what happened to me.

I freaked out and semi-panicked, worried that I wouldn't make the event. In a desperate attempt to keep my car from being towed on top of everything, I drove my car (at 5 mph) to a nearby residential street and parked it securely. Luckily I had a friend close by who was going to the event as well and was able to pick me up along with all my stuff.

With minimal time to spare, we set off towards the event with roughly an hour and a half to set up, IF I made it within the given time Siri claimed it would take me to arrive. That didn't happen.

About 30 minutes into our "road trip" my friends car began to overheat, making us pull over to cool it down. This entire process took roughly 20 minutes. After we set off - again - I was doing my best to stay positive as I now only had roughly an hour to set up. IF nothing else happened. Something else happened.

About 10 minutes down the freeway we hit traffic. Someone decided to have a giant pile up (yes I'm aware the people most likely didn't set out to have an accident) and everyone around began to gawk at the situation, making us even later. Lovely.

By the time we arrived, I was given 20 MINUTES to set up before the doors opened. I was full on panicking. I really didn't think I was going to make it in time, but some sort of weird superhuman speed took over my body and I actually pulled it all off. I got everything set up with zero time to spare and the entire event actually went off pretty well.

At the end of the day I was utterly exhausted and beyond ecstatic that it was over. Things were fun, but I just wanted the day to be over seeing as how I still had my car to deal with.

Today I finally got ol' reliable checked out (she's 12 years old) and learned that my engine nor my transmission were mounted anymore, causing the loud noise (which I kept wondering about, but was constantly told "it's just your car") and [hopefully] the reason for my gears slipping. The vibration COULD have been the cause to my issues, but they couldn't check out my transmission any further until it was properly mounted, as they wouldn't be able to get around it otherwise. This alone is going to cost a pretty penny, but I'm hoping that it will be the solution to all my problems. If not, then the issue will be something much more severe, rendering my car "done". Fixing the transmission, replacing it, or doing anything extremely major, would be more costly than what the actual car is worth.

Honestly I'm hoping that I don't have to worry anymore - I'm remaining positive - and that this will be the end of my car troubles. Tomorrow I should know more, but for today I'm just ready to call it a day.

I watched the eclipse (safely on the News), did 6 tests for my RMA license, took my car to get fixed, finished cleaning the ENTIRE apartment, and did my normal mommy duties. You can say I'm rather pooped. Luckily tomorrow I should have more time to FINALLY finish my DIY for you guys! It's a really cool idea that I'm hoping goes well, which was inspired by a very infamous TV show that came to an end recently.

For now, I'm off to bed to get some rest. I hope you all had an absolutely wonderful weekend and please send me good vibes for ol' reliable! Much love my rockin' Jedi's,

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