Saturday, September 16, 2017

Food Feature Friday #47: Simple Hack To Enhance Nutella!

Today was a stressful day, but it finally put to rest something that had lingered too long. In celebration of the weekend and having this situation be over, I decided to end the night relaxing in my bed with some good ol' Nutella.

Yes Nutella. The infamous hazelnut treat that you see in donuts, on bagels, and the theme of many other desserts. Personally I [may] have a mild addiction to the creamy treat and constantly try to find new ways to enjoy it.

Recently during one of my late night snack cravings I accidently put my jar in the fridge. I had no idea until the next night when I was searching for it. Slightly disappointed because it was now hardened, but nonetheless I grabbed a fork and dug in.

It. Was. Amazing.

Imagine biting into a chocolate bar that turns into a melting, truffle-like deliciousness that coats every single taste bud in your mouth. It makes you feel like you've bitten into a golden cloud of hazelnut and I can't even begin to extra the magnitude of excellence that came from this extremely simple change.

I do recommend having a glass of milk - or something to drink - close by your side, just to make sure you don't drown yourself with too much Nutella.

Perhaps this isn't a huge "hack" and maybe it's a simple Food Feature, but trust me it makes a world of a difference!

Have an amazing weekend Jedi's, I'm going to continue winding down and try to de-escalate from this week of pure chaos. I hope you all have a fun, safe, and fantastic next couple of days! Much love.

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