Monday, September 18, 2017

Free Toys Just Because!

Happy Monday Jedi's!

Today I've been running around deep cleaning the entire house while my Padawan was at school. 7 loads of laundry, scrubbing the carpet, deep cleaned the kitchen and bathroom, vacuumed everywhere, fed Yoda, and picked up the bedrooms.

Phew, I'm tired just thinking about it again.

Instead of boring you all with the details of what I've been cleaning, I thought I'd share with you guys a really cool little adventure my little guy and I had this past weekend.

Gepetto's is a store that - while a bit pricey - has a decent collection of toys that you wouldn't normally find at Toys-R-Us. They have more of the "STEM" themed play things, along with really cool trinkets. This past Saturday Gepetto's decided to celebrate their 25th anniversary at all their stores, commemorating it by handing out bags of free goodies for the youngans.

In hopes of getting a good spot in line, we headed to the Fashion Valley Gepetto's in San Diego around 8:30am, for their 10am opening. Luckily there was only one 4-person family ahead of us, making us in the perfect position to wait for our own early mini Christmas.

While we waited we talked with the other family about their adorable dog, played the iPad, did a little Pokémon Go, and made our own guesses on what might be included. I will say we also drooled a little when their food vendor started setting up, giving off a rather enticing aroma. Nonetheless we stood strong in line.

After a few more moments, we watched as they opened the doors and popped a confetti...thing. We were handed a ticket, walked straight back, and received one red Gepetto's drawstring bag.

Outside they had a mini robot/spaceship station, where you could "make" a cardboard robot or spaceship. Of course my Padawan chose a robot, so he popped it out of the pre-cut cardboard, put it together, and left with a pretty cool robot.

Once in the car, we dumped out everything to check out what all he scored. Of course we became more anxious to play with it all, so we headed home where we played with each new awesome prize.

Inside the bag my little guy got:

- mess free glitter
- an owl who's eyes pop out when squeezed
- a click flashlight
- a pack of Chima Lego's
- a Minecraft blind box
- connector pens
- a super soft squishy banana

Overall my little guy was super stoked and felt like the wait was worth the fun that soon ensued for him. I for one don't mind waiting in line for free stuff or a really good deal. In this case, they had both. Their entire store was also 25% off, but I didn't take advantage of that as I didn't have any extra funds to spend. But again, he scored with a bunch of goodies that more than sufficed.

Hopefully you guys had a good weekend and it was filled with stupendous memories. I for one was able to finally escape the chaos from last week. Now just to get through this week with no big hitches and I'll feel like I've finally regained my mental strength.

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