Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Goodwill Fashion: Rosy Pink!

Goodwill. Home to fashion of all sorts and bargains, you'll most likely leave with [at least] 5 complete outfits, shoes and all, for less than $100. Something that is hard to do anywhere else, AND get quality.

Personally 95% of my wardrobe is from Goodwill and I couldn't be prouder.

Today I went with my mom to browse the dresses for an upcoming event my mother was attending, but of course I had to browse too. That's when I came across a gorgeous rosy pink sweater with a flower "lace" print. With a perfect fit and some help from my mom, I scooped it up for a discounted price of $5.40. Eager to where it when the weather gets colder, I went home and tried to plan out a few ideas on how to style it.

Which got me thinking. What if I did a segment every week where I showcase top outfits for the week, using ALL Goodwill finds? Or at least majority. Perhaps I could just include an OOTD segment in each post, to showcase what I decided on wearing. Leave me your comments and let me know your opinions.

After a few ideas, I decided I'd pair it with simple pieces to create a casual look with a bit of "flare". Everything I paired it with I bought at my local Goodwill, bringing my entire outfit's total to $12.40!

I grabbed a white cami (purchased for $1 last year), some dark wash blue jeans (see HERE, purchased for only $1), and my black knee high boots (see HERE, purchased for only $5).

I also added an optional gold necklace to add some "bling", but this was a gift and not from Goodwill, hence why I didn't add it in the actual list of items above. Goodwill does have an amazing array of jewelry, so don't think you can't find something to pair with any of your finds.

I could see this outfit for a casual outing like brunch, an laid back event like a daytime birthday party, or even just for errands when I want to feel extra put-together.

As you can see Goodwill can always make your wardrobe sparkle without ever breaking your bank! If you haven't already started thrifting at Goodwill, I highly suggest doing so. Just remember to have patience! Need more tips on how to be successful in thrift store shopping? Check out my post HERE on how I do it!

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