Monday, September 4, 2017

Horse Race Fashion on a Budget!

Today was the last day of the Del Mar horse races until November. It was also Labor Day - Happy Labor Day everyone - so in celebration we decided to head to Del Mar and watch a few horses get their race on.

Disclaimer: I don't know much about the "behind the scenes" nor do I advocate for animal cruelty. We joined our family at the event to have a relaxing day, not to "watch horses get killed" as so many protestors were claiming. I don't want my son to "grow up and think it's ok to hurt animals". We are a VERY animal friendly household. I've adored horses my whole life and if I could've owned one, I would have. So before anyone sends me an email or comment on how horrible I am for supporting the horse races, I'd like to say this: I literally went to pet horses and eat food. Thank you.

Horse races are infamous for fancy dresses and extravagant hats. While I don't mind getting dressed up every now and then (especially since I so rarely go to the horse races), I refuse to pay the insane prices that frequently come with buying new outfit. Thanks to Goodwill, I don't have to worry about spending more than $10 to look beautiful!

Today's dress is an oldie but a goodie. I initially bought it around Halloween time last year to
portray my favorite detective Nancy Drew, but I hadn't worn it other than that one day.

It's a beautiful dress that somewhat resembles a nice dress shirt and it only cost me around $6 (if my memory serves me right). It isn't anything too casual nor too fancy, depending on how you "dress it up". In this case I decided to do a nice simple pair of brown pointy flats (which I paid less than $7 for and you can read about HERE) and a purse I received as a gift years ago. As for head ware, I chose a simple straw-yellow hat that I purchased for $3 from the Target "dollar section" years ago and never wore.

Overall my entire outfit cost me around $16 and I feel like I rocked the "casually put together for some races" look.

Race wise, I didn't make any bets. A few guesses where I would've been spot on, but mostly I would've blown my funds, hence why I never did bet. No, I mostly cheered for the ones I guessed and ate a burger from one of the small stands.

Speaking of burgers, they weren't the most magnificent burgers ever - a tad over cooked and charred - but the quality and flavor was decent. Juiciness was a factor, albeit small. The vegetable/fruit ratio was spot on however, giving it a "slightly more than edible" score on the eating scale.

Now that Monday has come to an end, we're off to bed for an early night. Tomorrow is another school day and I'm ready to tackle another week.

Have a wonderful week Jedi's and Padawan's! I'll be back tomorrow with more blogging fun!

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