Thursday, September 28, 2017

Manhunt: Unabomber, A Netflix Triumph To Appease My Inner Nancy Drew

Hello Jedi's! As you can see my internet has finally gotten fixed - not even really sure what was wrong, but apparently it's all ok now?

I sincerely think our network is being cyber attacked, despite the numerous attempts to block, encrypt, hide, and reset our router and wifi settings. How I'm going to figure it out, I'm not sure. We could also just be experiencing poor signal due to so many people being on a Cox server here.

This is all besides the point.

Netflix is an excellent source of late night entertainment and for me I tend to watch a wide variety of genre's, including detective styled shows. So when I came across the show "Manhunt", which showcases the Unabomber that terrorized the USA, I was more than excited to see an "inside scoop" of serial killer.

The whole series is mostly told through the eyes of one detective, who doesn't get nearly as much credit as he should, but there are also key moments in showing what made the Unabomber what he was. It also goes back and forth between past and "present", to show how they came to capture the infamous bomber after 17 years of terror.

Personally at first I got a little bit confused on the timeframes, because they do bounce around quite a bit, but I do like how they described the beginning, middle, and end. However, I do wish that they would have laid out the story a little bit more in sequential order. Perhaps from start to finish without skipping, but after the first 2 episodes, it starts to make sense on why they really told the story in that order.

I will say that the entire story line was told with ease and the intricacy was impeccable with how each and every detail was laid out. The process of finding out how the Unabomber was indeed the Unabomber, truly turned forensics on it's head.

All in all this series was enlightening, riveting, and interesting. Between helping us inquisitive beings dive into the mind of a very unique man, we saw numerous new beginnings in crime solving take place. We also saw how the real world can be a hold hard "B word".

With enough clues to really help you stake out how you could indeed capture someone with little evidence, while still proving without a doubt that they are the culprits, it definitely helps when coming to real life mysteries. Like who ate the last cupcake... Although that's not much of a mystery around here, as it's either my Padawan or I. If I didn't eat it, I immediately know who did and vice versa.

I don't want to give too many details out, to help keep the curiosity peaked in hopes that you'll truly watch the series, but I will say that I wholeheartedly recommend checking out "Manhunt: Unabomber" on Netflix. I also hope that maybe someday they will have a Season 2 of Manhunt, surrounding another true villain captured.

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