Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Mini Easel DIY!

It's no secret I've been participating in crafting shows. While I do think marketing and presentation are a big part to how your product is viewed, I also believe that spending a chunk of money on it can break your entire budget. This could in a sense even ruin your potential profits, as you'll have to calculate the price of your "decorations".

Yes I understand that a one time investment could pay off in the end, but perhaps you're starting off with limited funds and you just don't have the ability to make that type of investment. Well I might not be providing the ultimate solution to completely decorating on a budget for crafting shows (although I can), but I will be providing an option on how to display mini signs showcasing what you have for sale!

What you'll need for this adorable little easel is:

- 4 popsicle sticks
- hot glue gun (and sticks)
- pliers (to break the sticks)


1. Prepare your pieces. Break 2 popsicle sticks on one end, less than an inch down. These two pieces will be the front legs of you easel. Then break one stick a little further down (about an inch) on one end. This will be the back leg. Now take one popsicle stick, break off both ends (just to rid of the rounded edges) and then cut the popsicle stick in half. These will be the shelf portion. Lastly take the extra piece you've broken off from the back leg popsicle stick and cut off JUST the rounded edge. This will be the link to holding everything together.

2. Assemble the front. Take your link piece and place hot glue onto it, just enough to provide a good hold. Take your two front legs and glue them onto the link, both at an angle. This portion is the back. Now take one of the shelf pieces and glue it flat onto the front side (not where you can see the link portion). Your front legs are now secure. To finish off the shelf, simply take your other shelf piece and glue it sticking out (like a floating shelf) to the other shelf piece.

3. Assemble the back. The last step is to add some glue to the edge of the bottom of the link piece in the back. Immediately attach the back leg piece, while setting it onto a flat surface. Adjust the angle quickly, so the glue sets at the angle you want it to stay at. Wait a few seconds while applying VERY gentle pressure, securing your piece altogether.

And there you have it! A cute little easel for you to use for your display. To add a little more pizazz you could easily paint it with metallic paint (or any paint), add some jewels, or even decorate it with fabric. Personally I kept mine "wood like", as it adds a little extra texture to my entire table. Small but powerful details can help make a huge difference.

The total cost? Less than $2 for a multitude of them, because you can't just buy 4 popsicle sticks! You can easily find a pack at Dollar Tree (or your local dollar store), making this DIY and DIYes!!!

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