Tuesday, September 26, 2017

New/Old Fridge.

It's no secret that this apartment isn't necessarily the greatest complex on Earth, but it's not the worst either.

With our own upgrades - like my mother purchasing a new carpet - and consistent cleaning on my end, it's turned out to be a fairly awesome safe haven for my Padawan and I. Unfortunately we've had to deal with numerous "issues" (i.e. termites, window replacement, etc.) and today was another for the books.

For the last few days (really years) we've dealt with an "off" fridge in many different ways. A while back it started with the back of the fridge simply causing frost on our food, but over the years it's become a full blown solid block of ice in the back. Not only that, the front started to actually "warm" our food. This was extremely concerning, seeing as how we had poultry I desperately didn't want to go bad.

I notified our company as soon as our water came out warm from inside the fridge (plus the center of the fridge was overflowed with water from the ice block slightly defrosting), with an almost immediate response.

A maintenance man came by to try and fix the problem, but it was quickly found that there was absolutely no fixing the fridge. Only option left was to get a replacement, so I waited for the call that my fridge had arrived.

It ended up being a 5 day delay, but thankfully today I finally got the call that our "new" fridge was 20 minutes away. So I quickly grabbed everything out of the freezer and fridge, to have the oversized ice chest removed.

Finally my "new" silver/black fridge arrived and the old white one was whisked away to spend his final days [probably] in some recycling pile.

The reason I keep quoting the word "new", is simply because while this fridge is new to me, it's not new in general. It's a used fridge that was most likely taken from a newer/old property or an extra fridge from the property management office. The "wear and tear" was quite visible, but in all honesty I wasn't going to worry too much because I finally had a working fridge.

Only thing worrying me now is the fact that the entire fridge tilts slightly backwards, but that's from them trying to offset the legs to stop the wobbling. Wonderful.

Hopefully it doesn't drip or cause more issues and it does suck a tad that I don't have an ice tray shelf anymore, but I'm trying to think positive. How long this particular appliance will hold up, who knows. Only time will tell.

I finally finished wiping down the inside and replacing all my perishables, winding down the night with admiring my new/old fridge. The kitchen itself is extremely outdated - supposedly illegal cabinetry, but that's for another topic during another day - but I can't complain when two of my three appliances have been replaced. Last one standing so far is the stove/oven. Question is, will it be another 10 years or 10 months? Not even sure I want to find out!

Happy taco Tuesday Jedi's. May it have been a splendid day filled with numerous memories. Much love and may the force be with you all.

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