Wednesday, October 11, 2017

2 Guilty Pleasures That I'm Not Ashamed Of!

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Being a mother I've made many sacrifices. Some took longer than others to stop - like going out to eat whenever I felt like it just because I'm a foodie and tend to overindulge - but nonetheless I have given them up. That's not to say I regret it at all, because I'm in love with being a momma. I'm simply saying that it's a lot of work to be a mom.

Luckily however I decided to keep a few guilty pleasures to keep my sanity. After all, if I can't take care of myself then I can't take care of my little guy properly, which is all that matters.

I truly feel it's important to keep a few things for yourself - i.e. no kids included - to help you remain an adult. For me I'm constantly talking to a child and since my anxiety is so bad I loathe the idea of adult conversation (unless I'm really close to you), I find it necessary to do certain things for me to remain sane and "adult-like".

To show you all how I celebrate me in mini ways, I thought I'd share with you guys my 2 guilty pleasures in sequential order from greatest to least.

1. Eating containers of cold Nutella before bed.
Ok this is particularly bad for many reasons - for starters, you shouldn't eat right before bed - but I am absolutely guilty of it. I simply take cold Nutella from the fridge and carve it out like chocolate. It's beyond soothing for some odd reason I don't intend on talking about.

Continuing to have something that you wouldn't let your kids eat, is a natural part of being a parent. My Padawan has had

2. Window shopping for nostalgic 90's items online.
I love the 90's. I love how outfits for simplistically awesome, how our TV shows were actually cartoons and freaking hilarious, how technology didn't outsmart much, and how childhood was just that. A childhood.

Pause. I'm not saying that kids don't have a childhood now, I'm just saying that we are so much more concerned about our kids because society has become a bit more chaotic. When I was a kid you could walk around your apartment complex to your friends house without worry of something bad happening. Obviously horror has always existed, but it seems much worse now.

One of my favorite finds so far is a Reptar backpack from the hit show "Rugrats". I've been dying for it and honestly, I'm working hard to save up for it. It's awesome! And brings back so many memories of how freaking cool my childhood was.

By keeping what I truly admire close to me, even if I'm not necessarily buying anything, I feel like I'm sticking true to who I am. Not someone who's afraid to move from the past, but someone who likes what she likes, and I like old things. From late vintage to the 90's, I genuinely adore it all. Plus, the holiday's are coming soon and I need to make a suitable list for what I hope Santa will give me this year. Even if it's just one item. Or perhaps I'll just buy it for myself.

Having guilty pleasures doesn't mean you have to regret enjoying them. We need to have private things that we can act like ourselves with. So if you're eating a gallon of Nutella or binge watching silent movies, you deserve to enjoy some things for yourself.

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