Monday, October 2, 2017

Costco Scores And So Much More!

Today my mother and I decided to have a "mother-daughter" day at Costco - one of the greatest stores EVER. While browsing all the aisles, we found so many awesome finds and I just had to share with you guys. At least one, because the food items will be saved for this week's Food Feature Friday. Believe me, you don't want to miss it!

How many times have you gone out for errands, grabbed a couple cold food items from the grocery store, and then sped through any other store (or skipped out on them all together), because you're worried your perishables will indeed perish?

Granted you could probably just use a bulky cooler, but why not go in style AND have a reusable bag! Which is awesome, because here in San Diego we get charged for bags.

Near the laundry aisle, I spotted an oversized [almost] beach bag sized for only $6.99 - which I recall being $25 over the Summer. This bag however, is completely insulated, making it the perfect grocery bag. Plus it's super stylish with the option of black and white or cream colors.

Yes, I'm aware that it's the littlest things that entertain and make me happy. I'm completely content with this realization.

With so much excitement, my mom got us matching bags for our future 'cold food' purchases. Even leaving today, we were able to use our new bags!

This bag fits about 7 bulky sized items from Costco and 2+ bags worth of "regular sized" groceries. As far as material, it's a very sturdy bag with a simple material and a "leather" style zipper, helping to seal the entire bag closed. There's also a front pocket for your coupons, phone, wallet, keys, whatever you may need. Not your entire purse, but just the necessities.

I can foresee myself using this practically every time I go to the grocery store - I've even stored it in my backseat as to never forget it - and on road trips or adventures. Packing multiple lunch boxes and bags can be a little annoying, but with this beauty we can not only pack everything perishable, but also non-perishables!

These bags are durable and have an easily cleanable surface on the inside, so really you could use this bag for anything. Personally I'll stick to my groceries, but the versatility can't be beat. Especially for the excellent price of $7!

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