Friday, October 6, 2017

Food Feature Friday #50: Piping Made Easy!

Hello Jedi's! Today's Food Feature Friday is all about piping frosting.

I know it probably doesn't sound like an exciting topic, but you have no idea how difficult it can be to get a pretty design on a small cupcake for the first time. Personally, I would have rather had learned Mandarin than to have frosted anymore cupcakes with piping bags.

Found HERE
I had just about given up when I gave myself one last chance by browsing on ol' reliable AKA Pinterest. There I looked up easiest piping tip to use, which is when I came across the Wilton M1.

It's a simplistic tip that can create a multitude of frosting styles, but the best part is it's so versatile that even true beginners can use it with ease. Including a time-crunched busy mother.

From rose, to swirl, to a flower of sorts, this tip is a way to fancy up your beautiful creations no matter the occasion!

After finding out that this was supposedly the miracle tip, I decided to browse Walmart during a random outing and ended up finding it for less than $2!

After having a chance to test it out, I will say this: I love it. I haven't mastered every style, but I've used it as a swirl and a one tier "flower". The great thing is both made my cupcakes look somewhat professionally made! I couldn't believe that I - someone who has always struggled with frosting cupcakes with piping bags - could actually create a masterpiece!

Ok so I'm bragging a bit, when you've struggled with piping frosting, your first big success should be celebrated. As a mother I hardly get recognition for making it through the day with all my hair intact and clothed in anything other than sweats.

From now on I will be using this bad boy to decorate all my pastries and I'll share pics of any improvements that may or may not come!

What's your favorite hack/tip when it comes to decorating desserts? How about styling them? Got a favorite technique? :et me know in the comments below or on Instagram!

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