Monday, October 9, 2017

Halloween And Christmas All In One.

It's Monday once again and I decided to take a "chill" day after cleaning up the house this past weekend.

After dropping off my little guy, I decided to wait for Target's doors to open and check out the infamous money pit before the masses came barging in - which apparently is around 12. Honestly I only intended on browsing around the holiday aisle and the dollar section. Which is exactly what I did, except I found something so much more! Well, to me.

A few months back I got word that Oreo would be releasing a mystery flavored Oreo packaged in a white wrapping. Ever since then I had been on the lookout for the release to no avail, until today.

First off can I just say that while I'm an avid supporter of decorating early for Christmas time, I felt it was a bit premature to put out Christmas cookies prior to even celebrating Halloween. And that's coming from someone who literally decorates November 1st at midnight for the blessed day.

As for the Halloween d├ęcor, while I do like that the decorations seem a bit more toned down on the scare factor from last year - some were just down right sadistic - I still felt some were a bit "too much". Although I know that Halloween is the holiday for spooky and dark. I don't discourage Halloween, in fact I decorated October 1st, I'm just not a fan of the "darkness" that ensues. I mean, Addams Family is my movie and I religiously re-watch them over and over again, but the decorations these days are overwhelmingly bad.

Back to the good stuff.

As I was walking out I noticed a bright white package gleaming at me as to have a beautiful glow around it, singing like a siren in the sea. It was the prize to my conquest I had been diligently trying to complete, the gold at the end of the rainbow, the dessert at the end of a 5 star meal. The mystery Oreo's!

I don't want to give too much away, because it's going to be this week's Food Feature Friday! Sort of. Well, you'll see.

All I'm going to say is this: These Oreo's are part of a new promotion from Nabisco where you purchase a box of their well-known cookies and try to guess the flavor they've created. If you have a guess, you're then given multiple ways to enter your guess to Nabisco for a chance to win up to $50,000. Not too bad if you only have to buy one box of Oreo's!

I feel this is an ingenious way for them to gather new ideas for future recipes. You see, you're not given multiple choice to guess the flavor, you have to literally write in the flavor. This allows Nabisco to gather fresh ideas from the nation (world?) and potentially create a whole line of new flavors. It's utterly clever if you ask me, even though it's a small rip off if any of our "guesses" are actually used, but it didn't halt me from buying my own package and making my own guess.

What's my guess? I shall not yet.

Have you guys seen this new foodie detective item? Have you tried it? I won't ask your guess, but I will ask if you're "yay" or "nay" about the entire cookie/guessing game.

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