Thursday, October 12, 2017

I Put My Nancy Drew Skills To Work!

Today I was incredibly close to loosing my cool altogether.

It started like a regular day. I woke up with my Padawan and we got him ready for school. As we drive pulling out, I noticed a really pretty hutch that I've seen worth anywhere from $200 to $900 online, sitting near the trash. I hadn't decided on whether not I liked it for profit or as my own.

With no time, I pulled it to what I thought was a safe temporary spot with a note on it.

I came back to find my precious new hutch was missing. I looked and looked with high hopes, but nothing. Then I got the idea to check the storage locker, but no to avail. Last resort was checking the laundry room which it totally random and pointle- there it was.

Someone had taken my precious cabinet to the laundry room to hide. Well, I moved it to the storage and put a big note on it with my apartment number on it. I went on with my day and even got a manicure with my mom. Then I got to my apartment and found that the storage unit had been compromised. My hutch was gone.

I went into full blown detective mode, looking for any clue as to where it may be. I asked every neighbor and questioned facts that I was given. In the end I had to wait ti'll about 5pm to ask the last neighbor. Well guess who "accidentally" took my hutch, folded the sign, and supposedly was going to leave me a note that they had my hutch.

Utterly confused on how someone could "accidentally" take someone else's furniture, I politely asked for it back and they cautiously obliged. They were more or less polite, but that was mostly due to obvious guilt.

Now that my newest upcycling project is back, I started getting a jump on it by removing the hardware, stripping down some paint, cleaning it up, and sanding it down. It's nowhere near finished, but it's that much closer!

I'm super excited and can't wait to see how it turns out!

Also, for those following my previous post where I explained my purchases from Goodwill that I intended on flipping (see HERE), I already sold one item - the deep fryer - for more than double. Which paid for both products AND some. The second item is still for sale, but I have a few people interested!

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