Thursday, October 19, 2017

Spa Day For Momma!

Previously this week I had talked about having a much needed "mommy day" which I finally had. Nothing fancy, but definitely relaxing.

While my Padawan was off at school, I finally decided to do something for myself. So in an effort to take care of "me", I drew myself a nice warm bath with some Frank Sinatra blaring through the home. As I sipped on my iced tea, I decided to apply a new face mask I had recently purchase from Target.

So I used my makeup remover cloth and favorite facial scrub, prior to applying the thick yet creamy mask.

At Target they have a selection of "Que Bella Professional" masks with all sorts of benefits. Some for acne, some for detoxing, and some - like the one I chose - repairing. I've used and talked about another one of their masks, which you can see HERE.

The repairing mask I specifically chose is for troublesome skin and is a charcoal mud mask. My main reasoning behind choosing this mask is because charcoal has been infamously known to pull out toxins and clear out pores from sensitive skin, while creating a glowing-like complexion of cleanliness. Personally I want to make my own charcoal mask, but for only $2 I bought myself one of these and called it a day.

The mask doesn't necessarily have a strong scent, other than that of the classic mud mask. The sensation however can be a tad overbearing in ways that some may not enjoy. It's close to a tingling sensation with an extremely cold feeling, but after a few moments it's no longer feels like anything.

When time was up, I used a warm washcloth and carefully washed my face. Afterwards I felt like my skin was tighter, brighter, and definitely cleaner.

I'll still be doing a DIY charcoal mask - stay tuned for that review - but for the moment it was soothing.

I've used these masks for a while and I've never had a bad reaction - knock on wood - nor have I had a breakout from these. Which is hard to find, because my skin is extremely delicate and picky.

In need of pampering and maybe a fresh face? I highly recommend checking out the beauty aisle in Target.

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